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Partnering with individuals

This page is mostly relevant for you if you are a researchers and Higher Education lecturers, authors of scientific literature in the above areas

  • Library leadership and staff
  • Practitioners in the above areas
  • Product managers of companies that develop products for the agriculture/aquascience sector


Also this is not a must, we particularly welcome individuals who are somewhat tech-savvy and keen to use social media. If that is not a case, the VOA3R team is convinced that we can join forces anyway.


User communities

 The VOA3R portal offers specialized functionalities for selected agricultural and aquacultural user communities. Currently the four existing user communities are :

Organic Agriculture: (managed by AUA and ICROFS)

This community is for anyone with an interest in organic agriculture, and is used for announcements and discussions about this topic, including the many publications in the portal about this issue.




Aquaculture and Water Management: (managed by UDE and UHASSELT)

The Aquaculture, Aquatic Science and Water Management Community facilitates communication, moderated discussions and exchange of experience in the field.
Members can post any scholarly or professional material that they would like to share with the other users of the platform and group using the platform’s web-interface, including but not limited to texts, videos, and events that their organization is involved in. We are especially interested in the member’s needs and desires for such a service, as well as the most important current themes in their areas of work.
 This group is open for students, researchers, practionners and other interested parties in the field."


IT in Agriculture (managed by UAH and ACTA)





Viticulture (managed by AUA)

The Viticulture community is the ideal community for anyone who is interested in viticulture as well as in enology, aka the viti-viniculture sector. The community is used for announcements related to the subjects of viticulture, enology, winemaking etc, discussions about several topics including publications of the portal and with the active participation of students, practionners and researchers, there is the opportunity of exchanging ideas, answering questions that arise, thus making the community more interactive.




You can join an existing community, or propose to create a new one, and become a community manager in a specific agricultural and aquacultural domain.