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VOA3R is keen to collaborate with you if you are active in the area of agriculture, aqua science, aqua culture, water management and viticulture and have an interest in spreading European research results through a new open access service for scholarly publications with a community approach to publishing and review.


a) What are benefits in participating in VOA3R ?
b) What is the VOA3R portal, the core product of the VOA3R project ?
c) Who can join the VOA3R as affiliated partner ?
d) How to join ?


a)      What are benefits in participating in VOA3R?

In general this depends on the focus of your organisation/association/institutions or your personal interest as individual. The VOA3R team will arrange for the necessary steps so that a set of the following benefits will apply to you:

  •     Promote your activities in Europe and create awareness among a wider audience:
  •   your news will be disseminated through the VOA3R online community and newsletters
  • as official legal entity yourorganisation/association/institutions get listed as “Official VOA3R Network Partner” at the VOA3R website including a link to your main online presence
  •     You will receive updates on VOA3R project releases, events and major developments as soon as available.
  •   You can provide feedback on the VOA3R portal and support its improvement to suit your needs better
  • If you let your content be harvested by the VOA3R portal you will reach out to more users and will increase you web traffic through a multiplying effect and enhance your readers experience by the VOA3R platforms’ social search and user-generated annotations
  •      If you are a researcher you can spur discussions and promote your own research results by becoming a VOA3R portal lead moderator
  •      You will be able to build new partnerships and network
  •      You will have privileged rights regarding decisions on the future of the VOA3R platform and planned project activities
  •     You will be invited to participate and/or actively contribute to VOA3R workshops.
  •      If you are a publisher of a trade or professional journal you can attract more online readers, since VOA3R will promoteyour platforms, broadcasts, publications and events through our European and national channels


 b) What is the VOA3R portal, the core product of the VOA3R project ?

It is a social platform for researchers in agriculture & aquaculture in which the content of open access institutional repositories, the AGROVOC thesaurus and terminologies specific to research methods are integrated.

At this stage of the project, the VOA3R platform is available in its beta-version. It contains more than 560.000 papers and allows researchers to:

  •     Locate and connect with peers through the social network
  •      Describe their research and get recommendations based on it
  •      Find open access journals related to their profile
  •      Find relevant papers or other scholarly content (e.g. datasets) using specific terminologies, like AGROVOC
  •      Join groups related to specific topics to share information


c) Who can join the VOA3R as affiliated partner ?

Everyone active in the field of agriculture, aqua science, aqua culture, water management and viticulture with in interest in opening up scholarly publications. According to your profile we will propose you specific steps on how to become an affiliated partner as:

  •   Membership association/organisation
  •   Networks and communities as well as policy-makers and organisations (e.g. ministries for agriculture)
  •   Agricultural libraries and agricultural research centres
  •   Researchers and Higher Education lecturers, authors of scientific literature keen to share their publications and network
  •   Library leadership and staff
  •   (Product managers of) Companies that develop products for the agriculture/aquascience sector or other practitioners News portals with interest in the above topics
  • Professional/Trade Journals in Agriculture and aquascience


d) How to join ?

If you want to share your organisations content at the VOA3R portal (libraries, research centers, others)

If you want join forces with VOA3Ras a legal entity in any other form (network, membership organisation, trade journal, …)


If you are an individual (researcher, author, library staff, product managers, or other practitioners)



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