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Project Workplan

The work plan of VOA3R project has been structured into seven Work-Packages (WPs). These facilitate the proper organisation and implementation of the project.

The WPs are the following:

•    WP1: Management and coordination: The aim of this work package is to ensure the quality levels of the project’s results through the continuous monitoring of the project activities and their proper execution, the coordination of the work plan, and the optimum coordination of the partners.

•    WP2: Setting up the stage: The aim of the work package is to study requirements regarding the deployment of a virtual repository of open access agricultural research, as far as the various involved stakeholders are concerned.

•    WP3: Modelling the scientific/scholary lifecycle: The aim of this work package is elaborating models covering both the process of research publication and the contents of research work for the domain of agriculture.

•    WP4: Platform design and integration: The aim of this work package is the specification and integration of the existing technological elements and systems to build the service that will provide the virtual platform specified in the requirements resulting from work package 2 and using the models devised in work package 3. This work package includes the central technical integration work required for the deployment of the VOA3R service.

•    WP5: Content integration and population: The aim of this workpackage is to organise and coordinate the population of the VOA3R federation with scientific content coming from the participating repositories and communities, which will be described with semantically rich and interoperable metadata.

•    WP6: Experimentation, pilot trials, and evaluation: The aim of the work package is to provide the evaluation framework for the VOA3R developments and services to make agricultural and aquacultural contents more accessible, usable, and exploitable as well as to realize a series of pilot trials that will take place in order to evaluate and validate the project results.

•    WP7: Disemination and explotation: The aim of the work package is to promote VOA3R to interested stakeholders which will be the main users of the project results as well as to set up a network structure for achieving its future sustainability.