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Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences (SLU)


The Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences (SLU, has national responsibility for research and education in veterinary medicine, forestry, and landscape planning. There are four faculties at SLU: the Faculty of Landscape Planning, Horticulture and Agricultural Science, the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agriculture Sciences, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science and the Faculty of Forest Sciences. Today about 3 300 undergraduates and 800 postgraduate students are active at SLU.

SLU will be provider of metadata to the VOA3R specifications. The technical expertise about metadata and Open Source software is very good. Today the group provides data through the OAI-PMH and is about to implement the DRIVER-guidelines for the Epsilon Open Archive. This knowledge will be used in the different VOA3R work packages where SLU contributes. The SLU archive has been involved in a joint project with thirteen other Swedish universities to research the digital preservation of and Internet access to scientific data bases and data sets. Two pilot projects has been led and carried out by the SLU. Methods for preservation and immediate access on Internet has been worked out and implemented into the IR, AGDA using DSpace as a technical platform. Both pilot projects have built on a close dialog and cooperation with researchers and ICT staff. The SLU university archive is also very active in the international cooperation on research data within the ICA (International Council on Archives) and other international networks for research infrastructure. Experiences from these projects will be implemented into the VOA3R project contributing to secure quality of research and allow for end users to follow the research process from data collection to publishing of the results.