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Agricultural Research Institute (ARI)



The Agricultural Research Institute (ARI, was established in 1962 and is one of the Departments of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment. ARI undertakes applied and basic research within the wider domain of plant and animal production. Its mission is to provide high quality scientific research using methods that are financially, environmentally and socially sustainable. The Institute actively cooperates with regional and international organizations, Universities and research centres all over the world and was recognized by the EU as a Centre of Excellence in Agriculture and Environment.

Since its establishment and until 2007, ARI has been publishing three monographic series: The Technical Bulletin, The Miscellaneous Reports, and The Agricultural Economics Reports. Since 2007, the three monographic series have been discontinued and two new series were created: The Information Bulletin (ΕνημερωτικόΔελτίο) which is in Greek language, and the Cyprus Agricultural Research Report, which is published in English. Along with the two aforementioned publications, ARI is also publishing on a biannual basis the ARI Review. The role of ARI in the VOA3R project is to provide the online full-text publications (in PDF format) from 1965-onwards, with the metadata description in FAO AGRIS AP.


Key People

ARI George AdamidesGeorge Adamides holds a BSc and an MSc in Computer Science from Western Michigan University.   Since October 2001 he joined the Agricultural Research Institute in Cyprus. His research interests are: the adoption of ICT in agriculture, Human-Computer Interaction and recently the interaction of farmers with agricultural robots. In 2008 he has started his PhD studies at the Open University of Cyprus in the area of human-robot interaction, with emphasis on agricultural robotics user interface. Currently, he is the Head of the Rural Development Department. He is involved in three EU funded projects, in one Research Promotion Foundation research funded project, and in one ARI funded project. He is the key person involvement in VOA3R on behalf of ARI and has been working with Open Access repositories since 2010.