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Consorzio Interuniversitario (CINECA)


CINECA ( is a Consortium consisting of 36 Italian Universities. Its institutional mission is to support research conducted by the Italian scientific community through supercomputing and its applications. In terms of supercomputing performance, Cineca is ranked among the most powerful centres in the world and among the first ten centres in Europe. Since the 1990’s CINECA has supported Italian universities developing applications for the management of the main administrative areas such as HR/Personnel Management, Accounting Management, Student management system, University Datawarehouse and Dashboard and Research Management with U-GOV integrated information system for universities. Cineca is remarkably involved at the European level, through more than 20 EU-funded R&D projects. Cineca will participate on VOA3R as content and metadata provider through the U-GOV Repository and it will help Italian agricultural researchers to promote their work.